What We Do

Airsat Aerospace is an Indian exclusive deorbiting solutions provider for satellites. Airsat Aerospace has a vision to be the largest satellite subsystems provider in the world. Our solutions would pave the way for an era of cleaner space exploration for good.


But Why Do We Care?

If all satellites currently orbiting Earth were visible to our naked eye, the sky would be but a glowing patch of a million fireflies. While it may seem a beautiful sight, it devoids us from staring into the deep cosmos. Unfortunately, this is an ever growing problem for astronomers whose telescopes often encounter streaks of passing satellites blocking what may be a ‘starmine’ of data.

This, including more such, is the challenge posed by space debris. Hence, de-orbiting satellites post mission completion is a growing necessity calling for urgent international policy changes. Pondering about this problem, the team came up with an idea. Researched, and set the goal to craft a material solution to it. Thus was incubated Airsat Aerospace, a de-orbiting solutions provider for satellites.

Team Members

Anshuman Shukla

Co-Founder, R&D

Pranav Sawant

Co-Founder, R&D

Samuel Dushimimana

Database Manager, R&D

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