what is ADM?

AirDragMod (ADM), the first product of Airsat Aerospace currently under development, is an attachable drag sail module capable of deorbiting satellites of mass upto 400 Kgs upto an orbital altitude of 1000 Kms, covering a huge spectrum of satellites. ADM is intended to solve the growing space debris crisis in LEO. 

Novelty in ADM?

ADM employs an all new deployment mechanism utilizing the principle of angular momentum to deploy its sail. The mechanism principle is inspired by a previous JAXA mission IKAROS which was the first interplanetary solar sail mission. ADM utilizes an innovated assembly embodying the techniques of stepper motors to induce angular momentum. ADM is a semi-passive de-orbit device.

Why choose ADM?

ADM is going to be the lowest cost de-orbiting solution enabling student and research purpose CubeSats to implement it too.

ADM has a mass of ~2kg and a size equivalent to a 3U cubesat making it a perfect choice for your satellite.

ADM is a semi-passive module requiring no power from its host satellite.

ADM is being developed using space tested COTS components implementing a very unique deployment technique making it very reliable.

ADM is implementable for both, CubeSats and traditional mass satellites and is easily scalable to fit the needs of both.

ADM is designed as a ready-to-go module based on the plug-n-play philosophy meaning it could directly be implemented on a satellite without any major modifications to it.

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