AIRFast system

AIRFast system is a platform to preview and download satellites data in a fast way. The key functions:

Main features:

  • Satellite orbit forecast
    • The schedule of each satellites.
  • Satellite data preview
    • Can linked to the schedule time, territories, satellite types.
  • Satellite data download
    • To download the data from our server
  • Customization of the territories
    • That is manageable by customers.

AIRFast key advantages:

  • Fast
    • AI module for image enhancement, Trajectory analysis, Geometric positioning, and vector repositioning
    • As fast as 15 minutes to be previewed
    • As fast as 30 minutes to be downloaded
  • Big Data
    • Tens of available satellites resources including Landsat, GF series, ZY series, Envi series.
    • AIRSAT SAR data will be available in the system soon.
  • Expanding land stations
    • Now available 5 stations: Beijing, Kashgar, Sanya, Kunming, Arctic. More is in construction
  • Data pushing
    • Push the data to specific territory, by specific satellite, in specific time.

For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us