AIRFire system

AIRFire is a fire early warning, monitoring, emergency respond, damage assessment system.

Main functions:

  • Before fire happen: Early warning.
    • Update the status every 10 minutes
    • Identify fire less than 10m x 10m.
    • Warning information will be pushed to big screen, including time, position, condition, temperature, Earth surface image, climate, etc.
  • When fire happen: Keep monitoring
    • Provide full progress of the fireplace. Support the key decision making.
  • After fire extinguished: damage assessment.
    • maps of terrain, surrounding ecology, socio-economic spatial data,
    • analyze the disaster prevention and reduction capabilities of the affected area,
    • construct a grid-based fire impact assessment model,
    • quantitatively evaluate the impact of the fire on the social economy.
  • Recovery monitoring
    • vegetation restoration process in the burned area
    • analyze the vegetation restoration mode,
    • provide decision-making basis for ecological restoration

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