Based on our science team, and our specialists in different industries, with the big 100+ satellites database and our launching 21 SAR satellites constellation, we can satisfy your different level of requirements.

To make any time sensitive decision, in any weather, on any place.

Agriculture Consulting

  • Regulation and management of crop plots
  • Crop growth analysis
  • Chlorophyll-A-recognition
  • Vegetation recognition
  • Pest Control
  • Analysis of soil and water resources
  • Agricultural insurance and financial services
  • Desertification prevention and control

City management

  • City review of the remote sensing survey and evaluation report
    • District greening interpretation map
    • Special image of green space distribution
    • Special image of the park and green space
  • City regulation report
  • City safety consultation report
  • Smart City construction consulting report

Climate Consulting

  • Pollutant diffusion monitor
  • Pollutant emissions monitor
  • Sea level
  • Desert change
  • Volume changes of snow mountains and glaciers
  • Ocean temperature change
    Vegetation changes
  • Climate disaster warning

Emergency management

  • Weather disaster early warning and emergency management
    • Storm
    • Rain and snow weather
  • Natural disaster
    • Earthquake
    • Flood
    • Soil erosion report
    • Drought and desertification
  • Monitoring of mine and tailings accidents
  • Marine emergency monitoring
    • Oil spill, pipeline rupture, ship disaster, plane crash, etc

Ocean consulting

  • Marine ecological environment reporting, monitoring, disaster early warning, and future deduction
  • Key target monitoring, tracking, monitoring
  • Marine emergency monitoring
  • Ocean temperature, sea level change, wind force change, iceberg change report and future deduction
  • Marine climate dynamics monitoring

Energy, mining consulting

  • The Global Carbon Resources and Asset Assessment Report
  • Power
    • Planning design report of power line
    • Vegetation disturbance identification and impact analysis
  • Renewable energy
    • Environmental regulation assessment and power generation forecast report of wind power plant
    • Wind power operation monitoring
    • Solar panel normalization and forecast evaluation report
    • Solar panel monitoring


  • Shoreline security
    • Illegal berthing and crossing the border
    • Illegal reclamation
    • Cross-border fishing
  • Reef security
    • Illegal sand mining
    • Illegal berthing and development
  • Border security
    • Illegally cross the border
    • Border anomaly
    • Military and non-military illegal construction